CA: 0x2F8221E82E0D4669AD66eABf02a5bAeD43ea49E7

100,000,000 $NEWS



$NEWS is the utility token of the Newsly ecosystem, that unlocks features and subscription discounts within our NEWSLY telegram bot. And in the future, a share of the NEWSLY revenue. Users of our bot will be entitled to subscription discounts and features unlocked (extra/custom news & execution sources, larger account balances, AI integration, automation, etc) based on the amount of $NEWS tokens held.


Holders will be entitled to a share of the protocol revenue once revenue sharing is activated. As we have currently not activated paid subscriptions, revenue sharing is on our roadmap.


You can buy $NEWS tokens from UNISWAP via the following link.

As there is a 3/3 Tax on our token, you will have to use 3.5% slippage for your transaction to succeed.