Trading Competition

The Newsly Trading Challenge invites all crypto traders to leverage the Newsly bot to trade news events and aim for the highest % return over a two weeks span. (16th - 30th October, 2023)


• 🥇First Prize: $8000 USDT

• 🥈 Second Prize: $4000 USDT

• 🥉Third Prize: $1500 USDT

• $500 Raffle for all traders meeting the volume criteria

Competition Rules

The winner will be decided based on the highest % return achieved within the contest period. [TOTAL ROI]

• Total ROI = ((EndBalance−InitialBalance−Deposits)/ InitialBalance)x100.

• Minimum Initial Balance: $500

• Minimum Volume Threshold: $15,000

• Only trades executed via Newsly **News Event Signals** will count towards the leaderboard (/long /short commands do not contribute)

• Trades executed and PnL generated outside of Newsly will not contribute to the leaderboard

• Only trades conducted during the contest period will be considered.

• Participants found using fraudulent methods will be disqualified.

• The team reserves the right to review, disqualify or deduct points from any participant found using measures against the spirit of the competition


In order to register, you must be connected to the Newsly bot by holding 10,000 $NEWS tokens. Follow this guide to set up.

Once your bot is set up, enroll within the bot by clicking the "TRADING COMPETITION" button before the 16th of October, 2023.